Levittown Laundromat

The Levittown Laundromat (516) 719-0425 Across from the tri-county flea market. additional parking in rear of building.

About The Levittown Laundromat

Levittown Laundromat front view. The new Laundry Express (The Levittown Laundromat) is a state of the art laundry facility located in the heart of Levittown long island New York. We opened our laundry facility in March of 2013 and offer the highest quality Dexter washers and dryers for all your laundry needs. Our 2500 Square Foot Laundromat is clean and modern, and our helpful friendly attendants are always available. Click for the details of our "drop-n-park" program, a time saving and convenient service.

Laundry Express’s modern facility is air conditioned during the summer and heated during the winter for your convenience and comfort. There are 40 new washers and 40 dryers of varying sizes enough to handle any load, no matter how big or small your laundry needs are.

Laundry Express uses a card system to pay for the washers in store, this saves customers having to be burdened down by pockets of quarters and the change machine possibly breaking down or running out of quarters. Plus who wants to queue up constantly to change bills into quarters whenever they are needed.

Better yet, maximise your time and utilize our unique wash and fold service and take the burden of doing your own laundry away entirely. Same day service if dropped off and received by store prior to noon (12pm).

Laundry Express, the Levittown Laundromat is open from 7AM to 12 Midnight (last wash starts 11pm).
7 days a week and conveniently located at 3064 Hempstead Turnpike, Levittown, NY 11756 opposite the tri-county flea market.

Our State of the art equipment & Facility

  • Large Capacity DryersLarge Capacity Dryers 36 X 30lbs. dryers
    4 X 40lbs. dryers
    All dryers are FREE of charge to customers if the initial wash is done in store too.
  • Large, Medium and Small Washers Available.Multiple Washer Sizes 6 X 55lbs. washers
    10 X 40lbs. washers
    10 X 30lbs. washers
    14 X 20lbs. washers
    High Extract Washers
  • Convenient and Large Folding TablesLarge Folding TablesPlenty of space available in our 2500 square foot store for folding clothes and sundries. The facility is clean bright and temperature controlled.