Levittown Laundromat

The Levittown Laundromat (516) 719-0425 Across from the tri-county flea market. additional parking in rear of building.

Laundry Express Services

  • Multiple size washers availableProfessional Wash & Fold Service
    How quickly can you do your laundry at Laundry Express? Would you believe 5 MINUTES!?! Just come in and ask for our Professional Wash & Fold Service. Provide and e-mail address or cell phone number and receive a message when your laundry is ready for pick-up. Same day service available if dropped off before noon.
  • FREE DryersFREE DRYERS All Day Every Day
    Come use our NEW Dexter Express Dryers on us! We offer both the standard 30lb dryers and the new Jumbo 50lbs dryers. No more burned scent or char marks on your clothes. These dryers are efficient and get your laundry dry fast! (Must use washers. Attendant will start all dryers.).
  • Drop n park programDrop-n-Park program
    In an effort to provide the easiest and most comfortable laundry cleaning experience, we offer our Drop-n-Park service. The name says it all. Pull up to the tent in our parking lot and drop off your clothes and supplies with Erik or Art (our Laundry Loaders). They will watch your items as you park your car and then escort you to the laundromat and an open machine. When you are ready to leave ask the Attendant to radio our Laundry Loader and he will escort you back in the same manor. This service is available for both the front and back of the laundromat.
  • Card Laundry SystemCard Operated Laundry
    Laundry Express uses a card system to pay for the washers in store. Money is deducted from the card at the start of every wash. Any left over monies will remain on the card and can be used on your next visit. A card cabinet is located in both the front and back of the store. If you need assistance our Attendant’s will be happy to help.
  • All New Laundry Equipment80 NEW Dexter Washers and Dryers
    Our modern 40 Washers and 40 Dryers utilize the latest innovations to clean better and more efficiently. The high velocity spin cycles of the washers leaves your clothes drier so less time is necessary in the dryers.
  • Helpful and knowledgeable Laundry StaffHelpful and Friendly Attendants
    Unlike other Laundromats, our Attendants are here to serve you. Need help with the card system or soap machine? No Problem. Add another 10 minutes to a dryer? Sure. We are here to make your laundry cleaning experience as pleasant and easy as possible.
  • Dry Cleaning Drop OffDry Cleaning
    We also provides superb dry cleaning and laundering for you garments. You simply toss your items in a bag and they come back clean, pressed and nicely packaged. Why have the hassle of dropping laundry at one location and dry cleaning at another? When at Laundry Express you can drop both at the same location and save time.
  • Clean and Modern SpaceModern Facility
    Our state of the art laundromat is not just bright and clean, but it is also equipped with the latest in Air Conditioning technology. Our facility will be cool during the long hot summer and comfortably warm during the cold winter months. There are also LCD televisions and vending machines for snacks and laundry supplies.
  • Secure LaundromatSecure Premises
    A 16 camera video system provides a safe environment any time of day or night. The laundromat facility is extremely well lit as is the exterior of the store. There is always staff within the laundromat from opening at 7AM till closing at 12am midnight, 7 days a week.
  • Fire, Flood and Smoke RestorationFire and Smoke Restoration
    Laundry Express employs highly experienced and skilled fabricare specialists dedicated to the restoration of garments, textiles and soft goods that have been affected by smoke and Flood. Our restoration dry cleaning service will deliver an exceptional product back to the insured, and your items will be returned clean and odor free.
  • Commercial Dry CleaningCommercial Dry Cleaning
    Laundry express also specializes in commercial services. Let us take care of all your businesses laundry needs so that you can concentrate on what matters most, running your business. Contact us today and we will create a commercial plan that caters specifically to the needs of your business, from Restaurant's to Hospital's and more.
  • This Month's Raffle is a child's bicycle, there are also runner up prizes too.Monthly Customer Raffles
    Every month since our grand opening in March 2013 we have ran a monthly raffle for our customers. (Please view images at top right of this page) There is always 3 prizes, a grand prize and 2 runner up prizes. Our grand prizes have included a childrens bicycle, and even an electric motorized Razor scooter.
  • Erik the Laundry Loader
    Erik is our answer to the modern day everyman who is able to run the "Drop-n-Park program" and assist as needed in store with any of our customers laundry needs.